Before the Peak was even reported in the 2018 CES, we used to burn-through wax concentrates utilizing customary methods. One would need to set up an apparatus and warmth the banger with a butane light. Telling the temperature isn't just about as much as precise. One would need to drift their hands over the warmed banger to tell whether it's excessively hot. Experience regularly tells one the correct temperature profile, yet even that takes a progression of preliminaries and blunders. At that point, one touches the concentrates directly into the banger and starts to breathe in. Else, you'd need to continually stack wax focuses the size of a pea on a moderately little spot pen.

The Puffco Peak had more to bringing to the table than simply a celebrated touch pen, having acquired the greater part of its highlights from the brands grant winning pens. By the by, it bragged some the best highlights in the stage making it a brilliant norm in wax vaporization to the point that other eRigs that followed were constantly showcased as a "Puffco Peak executioner," including items like the Focus V Carta, Pulsar RöK, KandyPens Oura, Source Orb Versa, and the High Five Duo. By the by, the Puffco Peak figured out how to hold high ground and consistently demonstrated its rivals why it's ruler of the slope. Here are a few highlights that set the Peak on the guide and kept it there.

Hand-blown borosilicate glass.

Quick warming (20 second warmth up time).

Sesh-mode usefulness.

30 touch normal for every charge.

Removable clay bowl.

Driven light band.

Haptic criticism.

Tough silicone base.

The Puffco Peak offered proficient quality outcomes in another stage and have set the standard sufficiently high that other eRigs that came after it generally felt that they had something lacking. Here's a speedy separate of the previously mentioned highlights.


The OG Peak utilized hand-blown glass connections made out of borosilicate matter. Borosilicate is referred to for its utilization in labs as test cylinders, carafes, and recepticles. These lab-grade gear are known for their capacity to deal with warm stun. They can hold up well against the limit temperature changes, yet above all, they're strong as hellfire. They don't break as effectively as other glass which makes the Peak look as great as it endures.

Discussing looking great, the three-sided hand-blown borosilicate glass turned into a symbol that other eRigs that came after the Peak were furnished with comparable mirror connections.

2. Artistic BOWL.

The first Puffco Peak utilized an artistic bowl to disintegrate your concentrates. Earthenware is ideal for spotting since it can warm your wax concentrates without arriving at the mark of burning. This gives you tasty outcomes as the earthenware warming component can help protect the kinds of your concentrates as the terpenes and the flavonoids are delivered when the wax gathers are warmed in a low and moderate way.

3. Solid BATTERY.

The first Peak was known for having a dependable battery, at any rate generally. It required just 2 hours to charge and was equipped for a 30-meeting yield. This implied that a solitary charge can go far and that it was appropriate for bunch meetings in light of the fact that the battery can keep going as long as you and your companions participating in it. Its battery likewise permitted the Peak to appreciate quick warming, a normal of 20 seconds before it arrives at top temperature level. This implies you presently don't need to stand by before you will draw from it and that you can appreciate a larger number of meetings than you can deal with.

4. Savvy SYSTEM.

For individuals who touch, temperature is significant. Keeping up the ideal temperature of your bowl is fundamental for the nature of your meetings. That is the reason Puffco made it sure that the Peak has the best frameworks to adjust the temperature of the bowl. The Peak's astute temperature alignment framework works via naturally changing the Peak's warmth times relying upon the temperature of your bowl. In the event that it turns out to be too hot, the first Puffco Peak's warming component runs increasingly slow versa. This guarantees the consistency of your meetings so you, or your companions spotting in a gathering meeting, will all get a similar degree of high beginning to end.

The shrewd battery likewise gives the Puffco Peak its 4 remarkable temperature settings. These temperature profiles can undoubtedly be changed with a couple of snaps of a catch and permits the two novices and progressed shoppers to effortlessly track down their sweet spot. No really drifting your hands over a banger, you know precisely the thing profile you're warming your concentrates with which makes for a to some degree exact methods for spotting.

5. Tough BASE.

Since the Puffco Peak was worked as a convenient dabber, it was planned and designed to shoppers who will utilize it in the unlikeliest of spots. The base of the first Peak had a tough silicone layer that gave buyers the grasp they need when dealing with the Peak. In addition to the fact that it works in keeping the Peak from tumbling off your mind however it likewise permitted the OG Peak to keep its balance when set on your bedside or counter table.

Generally, these highlights worked as one to furnish shoppers with an encounter they never knew was conceivable.


Two years after the first Peak was delivered, Puffco finished a befitting archetype – the Peak Pro. It was everything the Peak was, made stunningly better.

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The Puffco Peak Pro tended to a portion of the issues the first Peak had. These supposed issues incorporate breaking glass carb covers, feeble artistic dishes, and imperfect batteries, from which, Puffco even confronted a legal claim from. They rushed to deal with controlling the harm by delivering different emphasess of the first Peak including restricted version discharges like the Phantom, Vision Lightning, Sunset Lightning, Lucid Lightning, Medusa, and Neon release Peaks.

The Puffco Peak Pro accomplished something beyond address these issues. It reclassified the Peak name start to finish. Here are a portion of the new improvement the professional form Peak brings to the table.

Ongoing temperature control.

Bluetooth application ability.

Remote charging.

Customizable light settings.

USB-C charging innovation.

Bigger earthenware bowl.

Improved carb cap.

Puffco took the first Peak and gave it a significant cosmetic touch up. It looks like the OG Peak from an external perspective, however is an alternate machine from within. We should separate these striking improvements.


Seemingly perhaps the best improvement the brand gave the Peak Pro, Bluetooth similarity permits the Peak Pro to work with a downloadable application in your cell phone. Suitably named the Peak Pro App Experience, this downloadable cell phone application permits clients to completely customize their meetings. The Peak Pro acquired similar four exceptional client settings from its archetype however it's presently fit for exactness temperature control permitting you to dial the warmth putting down to the littlest detail. You'll additionally have the option to save your tweaked profiles so you can pull it up from your telephone contingent upon your requirements.

The application allows you to control heat term just as the tone on the Peak Pro's base separated from the ongoing temperature readout and control you get from it.

2. Progressed CHARGING.

The Puffco Peak Pro is currently outfitted with USB-C charging innovation. Maybe it's guiding the future, the new Peak Pro isn't just fit for working with a friend application yet now jettison miniature USB in return for a more steady and solid methods for power conveyance. Not exclusively would you be able to re-energize the Puffco Peak Pro with a similar charger you use with your iPhone and your MacBook however it likewise offers quicker accusing occasions of more steady force dispersion.

The Puffco Peak Pro is likewise viable with another extra the brand calls the Peak Pro Power Dock. It permits the Peak Pro to be charged remotely yet in addition goes about as an extra force bank so you can charge different gadgets when you're making the rounds. At the point when combined with the application, the Peak Pro Power Dock likewise offers Ready Mode, where it naturally turns the Puffco Peak Pro on the second you lift it off the charging dock.


Puffco upgraded the Peak Pro's carb cap and dropped the old fastened plan. The new carb cap sits flush on top of the ceramic bowl and is held together by silicone grommets. It seals carb cap yet its new plan actually offers an airpath that control the measure of air going through the clay bowl. This means you presently don't need to manage a hanging carb cap that can get taken out of the base. It likewise permits you to see through it so you can observer the wizardry as it occurs.


The new artistic bowl on the Puffco Peak Pro is as yet removable yet is presently bigger than its archetype. This means you can stack bigger spots and appreciate harder-hitting draws from the Peak Pro. This additionally makes the Peak Pro a fitting gadget to take on parties and comparable occasions where you'd hope to have bunch meetings with your companions.

Another perceptible improvement as far as what the Peak Pro proposals from the outside is the new metallic band. Without a doubt, the first Peak was not difficult to hold, however the new Peak Pro rests in your grasp like a Xbox regulator. It's not difficult to hold and it simply feels right. The second it contacts your palm you'd realize that it's premium.

In conclusion, in the event that you choose to take the Peak Pro with you when you travel, the all-new conveying case allows you to convey the Puffco Peak Pro securely and in style.

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The old Peak was its very own class, as is the Peak Pro. Highlight shrewd, the Peak Pro unquestionably dominates its archetype. Be that as it may, it accompanies an additional expense. Besides, to completely appreciate the experience the Peak Pro has to bring to the table, you'd need to contribute on Puffco's different extras intended for the Peak Pro like the Peak Pro Power Dock. On the off chance that your necessities aren't as requesting to the point that it requires the utilization of a remote dock and an accuracy temp